PUBG Mobile: Close-Quarter Combat Tips from Pro Gamer Gho$t

PUBG Mobile: Close-Quarter Combat Tips from Pro Gamer Gho$t
Pro Gamer Gho$t BY za.ign

June 30, 2024

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In the world of PUBG Mobile, close-quarter combat (CQC) is a skill that can determine your fate on the battlefield. To help you sharpen your skills, we spoke to one of the best in the game, Pro Gamer Gho$t. Known for his exceptional gameplay and strategic prowess, Gho$t has shared his top tips for mastering CQC in PUBG Mobile.

Understanding Close-Quarter Combat

Close-quarter combat involves engaging enemies at a short distance. It’s fast-paced and intense, requiring quick reflexes and precise movements. Success in CQC can mean the difference between a quick elimination and a glorious victory.

Gho$t’s Top Tips for CQC

1. Master Your Movement

Movement is crucial in CQC. Gho$t emphasizes the importance of strafing and crouch-shooting. Strafing, or moving side-to-side while shooting, makes you a harder target to hit. Crouch-shooting, which involves crouching while firing, can improve your accuracy and make you a smaller target.

“Always stay mobile,” says Gho$t. “Don’t be a sitting duck. Move unpredictably to throw off your opponents’ aim.”

2. Choose the Right Weapons

In CQC, weapon choice is critical. Gho$t recommends using submachine guns (SMGs) and shotguns. These weapons have a high rate of fire and are lethal at close range.

“SMGs like the UMP45 or Vector are perfect for CQC,” Gho$t advises. “They have a high fire rate and decent damage. Shotguns like the S12K can take down enemies in one or two shots at close range.”

3. Practice Your Aim

Good aim is essential in CQC. Gho$t suggests using the training grounds to practice your aim regularly. Focus on headshots, as they deal the most damage.

“Headshots can end a fight quickly,” says Gho$t. “Practice aiming for the head in the training grounds. It will pay off in real matches.”

4. Use Sound to Your Advantage

Sound plays a crucial role in PUBG Mobile. In CQC, hearing your enemy’s footsteps can give you the upper hand. Gho$t advises players to use headphones and keep their volume up.

“Listen for footsteps and gunfire,” Gho$t explains. “It can tell you where your enemies are and help you prepare for the fight.”

5. Utilize Cover Effectively

Cover is your best friend in CQC. Gho$t stresses the importance of using objects like walls, crates, and trees to protect yourself from enemy fire.

“Always be aware of your surroundings,” Gho$t says. “Use cover to your advantage. Peek out to shoot and then return to cover to reload and heal.”

6. Stay Calm Under Pressure

CQC can be nerve-wracking, but staying calm is key to success. Gho$t advises players to take a deep breath and focus on their strategy.

“Don’t panic,” Gho$t advises. “Stay calm and think about your next move. Panic can lead to mistakes.”

7. Effective Use of Grenades

Grenades can be game-changers in CQC. Gho$t recommends using stun grenades and frag grenades to disorient and damage your enemies.

“Stun grenades can blind your enemies, giving you the upper hand,” Gho$t explains. “Frag grenades can clear rooms and deal massive damage. Use them wisely.”

Gho$t’s Gear Recommendations

Alongside his CQC tips, Gho$t shares his preferred gear setup:

  • Primary Weapon: UMP45 or Vector (with extended mag and red dot sight)
  • Secondary Weapon: S12K or another reliable shotgun
  • Attachments: Foregrip, extended magazine, and compensator for SMGs
  • Armor: Level 3 vest and helmet
  • Grenades: Stun grenades and frag grenades

Practice Makes Perfect

Gho$t emphasizes that practice is key to mastering CQC. Regularly play in high-action areas like Pochinki or School to hone your skills.

“Practice in hot drop areas,” Gho$t suggests. “The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Don’t be afraid to take risks and learn from your mistakes.”

Final Thoughts

Close-quarter combat in PUBG Mobile can be daunting, but with Gho$t’s expert tips, you’ll be better prepared to take on any opponent. Remember to stay mobile, choose the right weapons, and practice your aim. Use sound to your advantage, utilize cover effectively, and stay calm under pressure. With dedication and practice, you’ll become a formidable force in CQC. Happy gaming!