GTA Online: Major Weekly Discounts on Vehicles and Properties Until July 19

GTA Online: Major Weekly Discounts on Vehicles and Properties Until July 19
GTA Online: Major Weekly Discounts on Vehicles and Properties BY HT Tech

June 30, 2024

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GTA Online fans, it’s time to hit the streets and stack your cash. Rockstar Games has just announced major weekly discounts on vehicles and properties. These discounts are valid until July 19. This is your golden opportunity to expand your empire in Los Santos without breaking the bank.

Why This Matters

GTA Online is not just about completing missions. It’s also about building your criminal empire. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, owning the right vehicles and properties can make a huge difference. They can help you complete missions faster, store your assets, and look good while doing it.


A variety of cars, motorcycles, and even aircraft are on sale. Here are some highlights:

  • Super Cars: Get 30% off on the Pegassi Zentorno and the Grotti Itali RSX. These cars are known for their speed and sleek designs.
  • Motorcycles: The Nagasaki Shotaro is now 40% off. This futuristic bike is perfect for those who love speed and agility.
  • Aircraft: The Mammoth Hydra is available at a 25% discount. This versatile aircraft can hover like a helicopter and fly like a jet.


Discounts on properties can save you millions. Key deals include:

  • High-End Apartments: Get up to 50% off on high-end apartments in Del Perro Heights and Eclipse Towers. These locations offer stunning views and premium amenities.
  • Garages: Need more space for your growing vehicle collection? Enjoy a 40% discount on all garages.
  • Businesses: Expand your criminal empire with 35% off on all businesses, including nightclubs, arcades, and motorcycle clubs.

Why You Should Act Now

These discounts are not just about saving money. They are about gaining a strategic advantage. Owning high-end vehicles can give you an edge in races and heists. High-end apartments provide a luxurious base of operations. Businesses generate passive income, helping you earn money even when you’re not playing.

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How to Maximize the Discounts

  1. Plan Your Purchases: Think about what you need the most. Are you missing a fast car for races? Do you need more storage for your vehicles? Prioritize your purchases based on your needs.
  2. Invest in Businesses: Businesses are a great way to generate passive income. With the discounts, now is the perfect time to invest in a nightclub or arcade.
  3. Upgrade Your Properties: If you already own properties, consider upgrading them. A high-end apartment or larger garage can make a big difference in your gameplay experience.

Tips for New Players

If you’re new to GTA Online, these discounts are a great way to get started. Here are some tips:

  • Start Small: Focus on buying a good car and a small apartment. This will give you a solid base to build from.
  • Join a Crew: Playing with others can help you earn money faster. Crews often have experienced players who can give you advice and help you complete missions.
  • Take Advantage of Double XP Events: Rockstar Games often runs events that offer double XP and cash. Keep an eye out for these and participate to boost your earnings.

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Community Feedback

The GTA Online community is buzzing with excitement over these discounts. Players are sharing their plans and tips on forums and social media. Many are praising Rockstar Games for giving players a chance to expand their collections and properties without spending real money.

Final Thoughts

Rockstar Games has once again delivered these major weekly discounts. Whether you’re looking to buy a new supercar, upgrade your apartment, or invest in a business, now is the time to act. These discounts are available until July 19, so don’t miss out.

Remember, the streets of Los Santos are always changing. Staying ahead means taking advantage of opportunities like this. Happy shopping, and see you in Los Santos!