Unknown RNG Codes July 2024

Unknown RNG Codes July 2024
Unknown RNG codes July Image via Pocket TacTics

As of July 5, 2024

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Gamers are searching for the latest RNG codes. RNG codes provide valuable in-game rewards. These can range from skins and outfits to powerful weapons and boosts. This article will explore the most recent RNG codes, how to use them, and why they are important for gamers.

What Are RNG Codes?

RNG stands for “Random Number Generator.” RNG codes are special codes that players can redeem in various games. These codes give players random rewards. These rewards can enhance gameplay and provide unique items.

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Latest RNG Codes for July 2024

Here are some of the latest RNG codes for popular games:

Active codes:

  • UniTime – one universe potions (new!)
  • eventboost – celestial potion
  • PveWHEN – one unknown fruit
  • 15kLikes – one unknown fruit
  • SorrySaturday – one archaia elixir and one aerial elixir
  • Friyay – archaia elixir
  • 12kAgain – archaia elixir
  • GlowDay – unknown fruit
  • 2kLikes! – one aerial elixir
  • NewBiome – lightning core
  • Golded! – one golden apple
  • lastone! – rewards
  • UPDATE! – one golden apple
  • Thanks! – one aerial elixir
  • 2kLikesCodeSoon – world potion

Expired codes:

  • Sorry2!
  • Sorry!
  • Release!
  • delayrng!

PUBG Mobile:


Reward: Special skin for your favorite weapon.



Reward: Exclusive summer-themed avatar accessories.


Code: FN2024

Reward: New emote and V-Bucks.

 RNG codes
RNG codes Image via Pocket Tactics

How to Redeem RNG Codes

Redeeming RNG codes is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Game:
    • Start the game where you want to redeem the code.
  2. Find the Redemption Area:
    • Go to the settings or menu section. Look for the “Redeem Code” option.
  3. Enter the Code:
    • Type in the code exactly as it appears. Codes are case-sensitive.
  4. Confirm:
    • Hit the confirm button. Your rewards should appear in your account.

Why RNG Codes Matter

RNG codes keep the gaming experience exciting. They offer players free rewards and incentives to keep playing. These rewards can give players a competitive edge. They can also provide unique customization options. For developers, RNG codes are a way to engage and retain players.

Tips for Finding RNG Codes

Finding the latest RNG codes can be tricky. Here are some tips:

  1. Follow Social Media:
    • Game developers often postcodes on their official social media pages.
  2. Join Gaming Forums:
    • Forums like Reddit are great places to find shared codes.
  3. Check Official Websites:
    • Developers may postcode on their game’s official website.
  4. Subscribe to Newsletters:
    • Many games offer newsletters with exclusive codes.


RNG codes for July 2024 offer exciting rewards for players of popular games. You can stay up-to-date with the latest codes by following the tips above. Don’t miss out on these valuable in-game items. Happy gaming!

By keeping your gaming experience fresh and engaging, RNG codes play a crucial role in today’s gaming world. Remember to check back often for the latest updates and new codes.